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      We were in Las Vegas in August 2016
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       The MAGIC SHOW, sponsored by the American MAGIC INTL company, established in 1933, it is the only one most complete comprehensive professional clothing and fabric accessories exhibition in the world currently that from clothing raw materials to all kind of garment products to related industrial chain supporting service.
      The exhibition has a very strong lineup , the area for about 200 thousand square meters, over 3500 exhibitors, showcasing ultra 5500 clothing brand, and from around more than 80 countries and nearly one hundred thousand professional buyers from America. Our company is the first time to participate in the exhibition.
           At the exhibition, we collect some information about potential customers to further understand the latest market of textile market by Via communicating on site. In addition, professional buyers have a clearly understanding of our products in this show, and also have shown a strong intention to cooperate. It is full of harvest for us.

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