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      Zeng fengfei, 2018 series of Chinese fashion week - related to the charm of
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      In march, zeng fengfei went deep into the shanzhai village of hongyao in longsheng county, guangxi province, where the ethnic customs and costumes inspired him.

      Craft, Ceng Fengfei fold, decoration and piping, and adopted different color stitching technique, match with black dry yarn lace, embroidered on {sung} brocade, revealed a different era of multicultural.

      On the totem, he USES diamond, stripes, circles and other geometrical figures to combine the birds and animals, so that the national art has a modern expression.

      In black, deep blue or blue cloth bottom, use red, white, yellow, green, blue and other silk thread, with the wrong needle embroider and so on various techniques to embroider rich pattern.Ceng Fengfei (ZENGFENGFEI) 2018 chun xia series [jin], like epic about the {sung} brocade fabric and national costumes, declare his love of {sung} brocade fabric and national culture, also reveal a {sung} brocade fabric huacai charm!


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