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      The Lion president's service team came to visit WK-LYL
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      Long edge service on January 13, 2015-2016 the third enterprise visit under captain hai-sheng huang lion brother eight lion friends came to the treasurer pei-fen wang lion elder sister companies: Dongguan WK-LYL Interlining Co., Ltd.

      Resource sharing and some problems in the enterprise can be Shared by the sharing of experience;


      WK-LYL Mission: to promote more suitable clothing

      The purpose of WK-LYL is to promote the continuous development of the clothing industry, and the development of the base industry

      WK-LYL products view: products in, form outside


      Some of the products are shown, and we have learned about a different industry.

         The product introduction of wang peifen sister;

      Progress is constantly learning and sharing each other, thank hai-sheng huang captain led at the same time to mark the anniversary of our led monkey mascot, thank pei-fen wang lion elder sister to give us the chance and carefully the gifts for us;After the meeting, we will have a simple annual dinner party for lion friends, round and round in the long circle!

      Long lasting love has you;

      <p background-color:#eef0f2;"="">Look forward to your next participation.