Summer Clothing Trend Forecast In2018

    Psychedelic: exotic plants and interlaced exotic flowers replace popular tropical prints and are used to refurbish super-long dresses and holiday shirts.

    Fancy vintage flowers are easy to associate with home decor in the ’60s,In the 1990s;rainbow tie-dye and rave images were the favorites of young music fans.

    Focusing color: bright background color, eye-catching color matching, and the impact of the color effect are all played an important role in the design of psychedelic design.The contrast projection adds a lot of energy to the print and makes it more commercially viable.

    Embroidery, crochet, and applique: multiple embroidery, chunky crocheted, and the floral trend are still spreading and popular, all of which are inspired by the unconventional Bohemian style of the 60s

    These details add to tannins, coats and music festival costumes with a new DIY customization look.