• Matt twisting Stretch Satin_YL-015157

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      Product Details

    • Matt twisting Stretch Satin_YL-015157:

      Width: 150CM

      Yarn Count: 50D*50D

      Composition: 100% polyester

      Method: satin weave

      Weight: 89g-91g/㎡

      Color: 48 color

       Matt twisting Stretch Satin_YL-015157 5707#Matt twisting Stretch Satin_YL-015157  5730#Matt twisting Stretch Satin_YL-015157  5733#Matt twisting Stretch Satin_YL-015157  5733#  bMatt twisting Stretch Satin_YL-015157  5733#  b

      Product features:

      1、Sensory: Silk matte, cloth cover a low-key luxury, elegant and noble;

      2、Flexibility: using the spandex blended yarn, elastic excellent and suitable, show the perfect curve, to meets the requirements of different design;

       3、Vertical: good drape, can display surface modeling smooth, give a person with visual enjoyment;

      4、Breathable and comfortable: feel like silk, cloth cover is supple abnormally and smooth, good permeability make people feel comfortable;

       5、Anti-static: even after a period of time of washing can also maintain durable antistatic function;

      6、Environmental protection: using environmental protection dyeing process to protect the environment and it is very healthy to human body.



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