• Shimmer Organza_YL013540

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    • Shimmer Organza_YL013540:

      Width: 150CM

      Composition: 100% polyester

      Yarn Count: 30D*30D

      Color: 48 color

       Shimmer Organza_YL013540 4005#Shimmer Organza_YL013540 4008#Shimmer Organza_YL013540 4009#

      Product features:

      The unique light and transparent, fit with the trend of the Times, and not lose the classical flavor, with the era of the distinct representative, luster is brightly and colorful, soft and elegant, restrained and graceful, full of fantastic atmosphere, if have be like the thin transparent texture with a gentle, but the sweet dream like the innocent little girl.

      Features: light and transparent, as pearly luster, texture is thin and transparent, graceful and restrained;

      Use: embroidery, wedding dress, skirt, dress, uniform, stage outfit, children’s clothes and stitching all kinds of clothing.



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