• Synthetic silk chiffon_YL012050

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      Product Details

    • Synthetic silk chiffon_YL012050:

      Width: 150CM

      Yarn Count: 20D+26D synthesis

      Composition: 100% polyester

      Method: plain weave

      Weight: 71g/ ㎡

      Colors: 64 colors

       Synthetic silk chiffon_YL012050 509#Synthetic silk chiffon_YL012050 540#Synthetic silk chiffon_YL012050 551#Synthetic silk chiffon_YL012050 557#Synthetic silk chiffon_YL012050 559#

      Product features:

      1 Physical properties beyond the silk chiffon, elegant, texture clear, transparent;

      2 feel soft and cool elastic cloth, cloth extremely rich aesthetic feeling, color and luster is brightly;

      3 The appearance is simple and elegant, has good air permeability and drape;

      4.PD synthetic silk chiffon easy to care, washing is not easy to fade, deformation, or yellow;

      5 Cloth cover with small holes, thus the permeability and absorbent performance is slightly better than similar products;

      6 Using environmental protection dyeing process to protect the environment and is very healthy to human body;

      7 Even after a period of washing can keep the antistatic function.


      Application: suitable for making women's dress, high-grade evening dress, etc.



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