• Anti transparent high-grade warp knitting fabric

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      Product Details

    • Width: 140CM

      Method: 32 needle

      Composition: 100% polyester

      Weight: 70-72g/ ㎡

      Yarn Count: 30D*30D

      Color: 64 colors


      Product features:

      1)    Using matt fiber raw materials to make breathable performance excellence

      2)    Adopted into the warp knitting process, the joint is not easy to slip

      3)    Good breathable performance and good hydroscopicity, 10 times better than common polyester products

      4)    Paired with other fabrics, the friction coefficient is very small, and the noise is very low

      5)    Using environmental protection dyeing process to protect the environment and is very healthy to human body, also not wrinkle effect.

      6)    Even after a period of washing can keep the antistatic function.


      Application: suitable for making all kinds of various high-end spring / summer women's lining material.




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