• Warp knitting fabric

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      Product Details

    • Width: 140CM

      Method: knitted structure

      Composition: 100% polyester

      Weight: 73g/ ㎡

      Yarn Count: 30D*30D

      Color: 80 colors


      Product features:

      1)This product use the two-way elastic polyester fiber knitting, texture smooth, soft and delicate;

      2)The product of the warp and weft elastic equilibrium to be better, the warp elastic can stretch more than 35%, weft is up to 70% or even higher, but also won't appear off the wire slippage phenomenon;

      3) Breathable, easy to wash, dry, absorbent strong, compared with other lining is good drape, thereby reducing the wrinkle, convenient of ironing;

      4) This property as material, the biggest advantage is without overlock.

      Application: suitable for making high-end women’s wear, children's wear, skirts and so on, the product function is strong, can adapt to more clothes according to customer’s requests.




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